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Letsfit - Social Media Content

We helped Letsfit, one of Amazon's top-selling fitness accessories companies, identify their target market and plan both a paid and organic strategy to grow their social media followership from several hundred to over two hundred and fifty thousand followers in one year, across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Our content strategy was comprised of product and lifestyle photography, live workout broadcasts, Amazon live broadcasts, weekly workout content, ambassador partnerships, and giveaways. We also helped flesh out the companies first internal brand guide outlining the brand message, brand voice, and aesthetic standards.

Content creation - we can help you identify your target market and the type of content they are likely to engage with. With the goal of achieving any or all of these objectives: increased leads, brand awareness, engagement, website traffic, and sales.

Pre-Production Artwork and Animation:

We've created pre-production artwork for creative agencies to use for pitch meetings

Web Design: we help you redesign and optimize your existing website to increase traffic through SEO optimization, enhance user experience and convert sales (if relevant)

We have used our creative resources to help our clients in a variety of ways.

Letscom - Social Media Content

We worked with Letscom, a popular consumer technology company, to plan monthly content calendars, paid and organic strategies to grow their social media followership.

Pre-Production Artwork (2D Animation, Editing)

We've worked as part of a network of artists and animators to assist top advertising agencies create pre-production artwork for globally recognized brands like Nissan, Dove, Rexona, Simple, Axe, Nabisco, Hershey's.

In almost all cases we were tasked with providing timing drafts to help determine the natural flow of storytelling and then we would be provided final artwork elements (layered photoshop files, 3D animations with alpha channels) to animate and edit together. 

Web Design.gif

Gemini Communications - Web Design

Gemini Communications, a leader in the telecom space and parent company of CCU and Blue Streak LLC, was in need of a professional-looking site that could accurately depict the company's unique selling propositions in order to differentiate itself from the competition.

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