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Blog Post #1 - I Am The Greatest Business Guru Ever

A few confessions right off the bat:

#1 - I am nowhere close to being the greatest marketing blogger ever; however, I know for a fact that doubting your abilities in any endeavor is a one-way ticket to failure so I prefer to affirm myself as should you. . . . .you successful beast, you!.

#2 - I am nothing more than a guy who loves success stories, entrepreneurship, and loves to see people making going after their dreams especially if I can be part of the journey.

#3 - I don’t know why or how but I have a gift/curse of an unlimited supply of ideas and solutions to everyday problems and these days, most people have the exact same problem: they don’t make enough money, they know they need to do something else, and if they have to do something else they’d rather it be something they’re passionate about. But how do you do that?

How do I start a small business?​

It’s the first question I hear from almost everyone I run into, either directly or indirectly (mostly indirectly). I think what most people are looking for are the individual steps they must take to get from point A (an idea in their head) to Z (a profitable business). I can tell you for certain that I don’t know everything from A to Z but what I do know is that the longest journey isn’t from A to Z but from A to B. That is, what’s the one thing you need to do right now in order to get the ball rolling?

So what are the steps involved in starting a business?

Again, (not an all around guru here) but your first step is getting some sort of game plan in place and then just doing it! The biggest problem I notice with almost everyone I talk to is not only that they have no plan but they also have no idea just how close they are to beginning their journey to success if they would just ACT.


How to write a business plan step by step:

That's right! Fuggetaboutit! In the time you would spend trying to find a business plan template on google, we (you and I) could have already ironed one out. You may not believe me but if you’ve stuck with me until this point of the blog I hope you’re at least curious enough to hear me out when I say I want to see you on your way to success. So much so that I am willing to offer you a FREE 30 minute consultation ($100 value) where you’ll get:

  • 3 FREE, great ideas that you can implement immediately

  • A detailed recap email of our consultation that you can use as a business plan and

  • (if needed) a list of services I can provide to help you get the ball rolling

All the information I give you (including the business plan) is FREE of charge. The only "catch" is that you share your success story with my community when you see results.

Contact me TODAY at to reserve a time and day for your free consultation.

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