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Win big or small, it doesn't matter. JUST WIN!

I was speaking with a friend of mine on Sunday and I was telling her all about how much I've enjoyed consulting with people because of how much joy it brings me to see people win! It really does. That's why I offer my FREE consultation. Because whether or not someone decides to work with me is less important to me as simply knowing that what I suggested, helped them win!

The key to a successful business begins with your first win.

You have a product or service that you think you'd really enjoy pursuing as a business. But If you're stuck in the dreaming, strategizing, or planning phase you're probably just procrastinating because you're afraid of failing. I have only one thing to tell you:


Why is your first win so important?

What most people don't realize is that the difference between you (an aspiring business owner) and a multi-millionaire is nothing more than a person who's created the habit of lining up one win after another. So basically, the only thing that runs through my head when I sit down with each of my clients is. "How can I help this person WIN?"

How to get your first win

You may not believe me but it's easy to win. The challenge I think most people have is that they want to win big on their first attempt but

a) that's probably not going to happen and

b) even a small win is a big win for you

I knew a woman that was an insanely talented stylist but she never believed it. She came up with the most amazing ideas effortlessly and she'd constantly daydream about being a stylist but she'd eventually let fear creep in and then do nothing about it. Then one day we found someone on craigslist who was willing to pay someone just to help her pick out paint colors for her new apartment and I said "THERE! Let's take this gig . . . you're perfect for it and its easy enough!" Needless to say, she knocked it out of the park and now she's doing quite well. (Check her out she's wicked talented. She's the V in Style & Shoot LJV​)

Your first win = CONFIDENCE! That's all you need to get to the next win. You may need to offer something for free in the beginning just so you can get your foot in the door but - assuming that you did a good job - just knowing that someone loved your product or service will have you on cloud nine, regardless of whether or not you were paid.

The other benefit to this is that (again, assuming you did a great job) now you have a success story that you can share with others or at the very least replay in your head when you approach your next client.

You need to know that you can do it because the fact is, you already have done it!

So I encourage you to get your first win under your belt as soon as possible and as always. . . if you need help figuring it out. . . I'm just an email away. Looking forward to hearing all about your win.


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